At Viconic Defense, we have a passion for providing warfighters the survivability solutions they deserve. Viconic’s focus is to engineer solutions that provide the most effective protection from impact-related injuries.

Customizable Technology

Viconic engineers have been providing solutions to challenges in occupant protection since 1998. We have developed lower limb, pelvic and head protection solutions to better protect the warfighter.

  • Over 10,000 mats produced and ­fielded on military vehicles
  • Selected and sourced on JLTV, FMTV, MATV and MaxxPro vehicles
  • Meets U.S. Army performance spec. for ballistic-mitigating floor mats
  • Full pass in ATC live-­fire tests
  • Easily customized for every application
  • Weight roughly half that of competitive mats
  • Fully recoverable; protects for blast and secondary slam-down
  • Designated as commercial and expendable items under FAR

Superior Protection

Viconic Defense utilizes patented energy absorbing technologies that outperform the competition.

  • Ballistic shock performance outperforms competitive mat
  • Floor mats reduce lower tibia force 22% more than competitive mats
  • Seat absorbers reduce pelvic acceleration 23% more than competitive absorbers
  • Knee and elbow pad inserts for impact protection
  • High stroke efficiency (does not ‘stack-up’ like foams)
  • Performance tuned to each vehicle’s unique blast requirements
  • Recoverable to protect against multiple threats
  • Shock attenuation (ATC live fi­re, ARL CSBES and drop tower)
  • Flammability (FMVSS302)

World-Class Manufacturing

Viconic Defense is proud to be a successful small business with operations in Taylor, Michigan USA
at our recently expanded 325,000 square foot manufacturing center. Our products are made and controlled in-house using state-of-the-art equipment and ISO/TS 16499 processes.

  • Design, engineering and manufacturing all in-house
  • Quality Management System: ISO/TS 16949:2009
  • Lean Six Sigma principles approach
  • All Viconic Defense products are proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Multi-use technology (automotive, sports and defense)